March 22nd, 2004


The morning of Ellen until 11, abridged.

Gwen is doing great again. I have a ton and half of orders to mail out today. Our new freezer rocks! Need to buy more packing tape. Was late to work 'cause Photoshop crashed while I was working on Dr Deramus' logo and I had to start over from the scan. Have delivered said logo and am now procrastinating at work. Today I have to do shopping cart additions for the Webadoption option. No swimming tonight; Becca needs me to come over early for babysitting. Arted last night, some of my best work yet, if I don't manage to screw up the inking/finishing. Ack! Must get into the habit of announcing new work at Portrait Adoption... haven't done so for the last several portraits.

Stay tuned for more news, and weather, the next time Ellen updates.


HEY! Does anyone know how to change a series of jpgs into a simple mpeg? Preferably free, preferably fast. Friend needs to know asap! Please help!

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