March 17th, 2004



Other than backpain, last night was pretty nice! I worked on an inked piece for a while, though I don't like the line quality in her legs or face at all. I may move to big black areas out of desperation. I also finished another colored paper piece for PA, yay! (The 80s haired girl) Watched Battlestar Galactica episode. Had restless dreams about being a Ninja and battling people with magic all night. Did not want to get up this morning.

Have a ton and three emails to answer today, and some fun orders to fill, too. T-shirts and mousepads and cards, oh my! Nobody's ordered any sweatshirts yet! The losers! I really, really, really hope my ink gets here today so I can get cracking. *crosses fingers* Would like to get Wish3 off to Syl v. soon, too. Sooooon. And RWH tarot are still eating at the back of my brain. I should have ordered more ink... 15 color cartridges won't do all that, I don't think. I suppose it's a good sign that I'm ordering more ink more frequently than ever before. Go progress! Now if only I had something to cut *out* of my schedule for all the new stuff getting crammed in...

Busy morning at work so far... looks like we're changing the building height, wall thickness and roof peak position on a project that was supposed to go out Friday and is promised by noon today. Yeah. Little changes, ya know. Little changes that affect ALL our drawings and we're supposed to have mylars printed by when?? I sometimes wish they didn't pay me so well... Oh well. I don't get too stressed out by watching the deadlines whiz by anymore. Not my problem! I do an unreasonable amount of work in an impossibly short time as it is. And they know it.

... (interlude where Ellen can't figure out fractions and makes herself look like a fool and proves that pride really doth goeth before the fall)...

Emails being buggy today. *frown* And I ordered Artists Magazine for $10/ yr. Woot!

Oh, I also changed my Internet settings to alert of third party cookies. Dang, I was getting a lot of them! Even checking 'remember my settings for this site,' I was getting one every few pages. Stupid spammy stuff. They should die. Or at least get itchy rashes.

Afternoon report

Really wanted to get some new artists set up with contracts and logins today, but I'm pretty sure that won't be happening; The panic project of the morning is still lingering with us, and my bane, the airports, are also in full panic-mode.

And for heavens sake, YES, the mod's choices are repeating, how many posts do we need on the subject, and in how many inappropriate places? I wish they'd up and make elfwoodhelp already.


I need to sit down and give a good HARD look at wholesaling and what I want my policy to be on resale. I usually only get queries about it that never respond to the first email, but now I've got a couple of folks lined up with serious, long-term sorts of queries. So... do I want to allow online resale or keep EMG's underplayed 'exclusive' claim and only allow in-store resale? How do I want to price things, or set minimum purchases? Hmm...

I also am seriously overdue for some local business trawling. I know there are five or six shops that would love the stuff I have to offer, I just need to get a sample batch made and take it to them! In my copious free time.

I have dishes to do tonight. Whee. An hour of EMG (my ink still isn't here!) and then it's home to watch an hour of that 70s Show with my Sweetie, do some long overdue housework, and maybe draw a bit. Or go for a walk if it's light; my back feels a ton better today!

Oo! A Kaz RP...

*has the attention span of a gnat today...*

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