March 15th, 2004


Bee-oo-tiful weekend

This was the best weekend I've had in a long time, despite a fairly lame showing on the art front.

The Art:

I completely flubbed a painting I was working on for Portrait Adoption, and just need to wait for it to dry to do fairly major paint-overs. It does prove to me that yes, in fact, a painting does need to start with a decent sketch. I knew it wasn't quite right but plowed into it anyway, and all the 'not right' bits added up to a terribly mediocre, amateur piece. Salvageable, and I learned a lot, so that's what matters. Sketched up a piece on canvas paper that looks better. Fuzzy on the background, still, but the figure is better and I can always fudge in a swirly-non-background if needed. I really love oils and wish it wasn't such a pain to set up and clean up. I crave tablet...

I worked on another colored paper portrait that I'm pretty happy with. Still need to refine some of the curls a bit before I add white pencil, but it's getting close. She has 80s hair, but I can live with that.

Inked on the hatching unicorn picture a bit; I'm not real comfortable with the big vines and the feathers, so I've been slow about it. Good progress, though. Touched up the unicorn some and strengthened its outer lines.

The EMG:

Got all the orders out, yay! And worked on Wish3 until I ran out of ink. And added the first new artist to PA. And set up some bins on my desk so I'll be a hair more organized.

The Writing:

I got about a page (handwritten) done on that Kaz story that's been rattling around in my skull and outlined to the end. Horrah!

The family:

The cat lazed about, of course, and it was a sunny, warm, beautiful weekend. I spent a lot of time with Jake, and we went out on a real date Saturday. We went to the Athenian, the BEST restaurant in town and had delicious Greek food and half a carafe of wine. We even got appetizers 'cause I was going to die: something called Devils on Horseback, which are scallops wrapped in bacon and baked in a cheesy, mushroomy, garlicy deliciousness. YUM. Then we went to hockey. We lost, but it was still fun, and I had just enough room for a cheesy pretzel. :)

The Gaming:

Went to gaming on Sunday, after working on Wish3 for a bit, and had a great time. :) Tom's worked my time crystals into the plot and we had a fun time trying to explain them to Chicago 1920's scientists. Karen knows a bunch about phsyics and it was helpful hearing her ideas/explanations for how these things could work. And there was turtle pie evil that was so rich I almost couldn't get through it.

So hungry I'm going to die... *scrambles off to find food*