March 2nd, 2004


I'm losing all my zipper-pulls

Today has been busy!

I brought my camera in today, inspiring much drool and envy. Bill and I went up to the Steese fire department at they lit a car on fire and put it out so we could get some cool action photos. Shall post some later. :)

No bids on my auction yet, and I've not got a lot of optimism for it, honestly. Oh well.

I miss my mom and dad! They've been off traveling for months now, since fall. I've always been pretty close with them, and it's sad not having them around.

Need to finish horoscopes, and get cracking on two articles. Would like some time to write more fiction.

Boring update of my day...

*Whew* Wrote about 50 emails today and knocked my inbox back to three pages. Stuff piles up so blasted quickly.

Made progress on the contracts article and forgot about the horoscopes. Doh.

Working on EMG until 7:30 tonight, then I have the rest of the night off!

2 more pages.

Two. More. Pages. And then I can go home and collapse. (Yeah, it's long past 7:30...) But then I will have Wish3 LE finished and ready to drop off to be bound tomorrow. And they look so purty. Have folded and inserted myself so that the copyshop doesn't feel obligated to nickel and dime me to death.

Spent some time trolling around at various rant and gripe and bitch LJs while the printer whirred along and had the startling fear that... ya know, I wonder if there are disgruntled folks with an EMGhate forum somewhere. I've sure rejected my share of people. I'm terribly picky, and maybe not as tactful as I could be when I'm on my fourth completely unsuitable submission. I reject for non-genre and non-finished all the time. I even say mean things in public forums about taking responsibility for ones own actions and not wheezing the same tired excuses.

Maybe someone out there hates me.

Maybe it's terribly vain and self-centered to spend my time thinking about it... it's certainly counterproductive. But here I am, fearing it anyway.
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