February 24th, 2004


Tuesday means wombats!

So the office was struck by MyDoom last night and several cost estimates have gone missing. Greeeaaaattt...

Fortunately, when I was offered the opportunity to be the cost estimate guru, I said ah, no. It sounded ridiculously boring. And since MyDoom doesn't touch .dwg files or .psd files, none of my work has been compromised. It does mean several engineers are howling.

Edit: Okay, I lost a .jpg that was linked to a title page on one drawing. Still, minor damage. Maybe 15 minutes to open, crop, adjust and resave.

Didn't win anything at the Epilogue contest, but didn't really expect to. Nothing black and white in the finalists, no surprise, and there really were some great entries. Maybe it would make an alright card or something...

Only 54 emails in ye olde inbox, so not too bad on that front.

Wish3 looked good, will mail-out today. Was told that if I'd brought in a pdf the quality would have been better... *after* I'd dropped $300 on these damn copies. *rolls eyes* I *did* quiz them extensively on getting the best quality. Apparently quizzed the wrong people... Third open edition printing will be better, I guess, and everyone has seemed pleased with the quality I've got. I don't doubt that we'll get to a third open printing, though I suspect it'll be after the fair... I stocked up this time. Also will have to remaster vol. 1 to produce pdfs. So it goes. Shall be able to whip out chapbooks like a Samurai master at the end of this ordeal, so it's been worth it. Honestly, this print run was pretty painless aside from the price-tag. Have raised the price. Must rebuild Sylver's page, since it's still not auto-updating.

Okay, must go do stuff...

Afternoon blahs, new EMG stuff, and hopeful for art tonight.


I have afternoon blahs.

Got some new EMG stuff up, and piddled along on the PA contract more. I gotta check my most recent ink invoice, and make sure that my print pricing is still good, and then, ya know, we could be about ready to go. I'm sure I'm missing something...

Hope to art a bit tonight! And maybe watch more Battlestar Galactica. :)

Have to print up some 13 x 19s, mail Wish3, and... that's it for EMG tonight, just three invoices, three packages, two prints; everything else is done.

Might go zing off an update notice to yon email update list. There are seven, no eight? new designs up, that's usually worth a notice. Maybe I'll try to get another up right now, though.