February 19th, 2004



Stressful work morning. May beg off a few hours early this afternoon. *crosses fingers*

Got the Wish3 cover paper in (finally... ordered the wrong stuff the first time! gah!) and would like to get more made up to fill a couple-a orders. Be nice to be ready to whip out the LEs, too.

Went back through all my old LJ entries and made a few private and/or filtered them. I've added a lot of people as friends that I don't know very well, and have been much behind on making sure I haven't blabbed about something confidential thinking I knew who was reading it.

My overall conclusion is that I write a great deal about not very much at all and I don't have much that is confidential.

Doing a last troll-through of all EMG entries to verify card sending and price-change on card packages. Going to close up the t-shirt and mousepad sale for a bit. Probably will still have enough in stock to have another sale around Christmas. Unless some of these 'we'll buy lots!' offers comes through. I never believe that they will until I see the cash. Call me bitter, but I prefer 'cautious.'

Lala... That's it, I guess.