February 10th, 2004

Twisty tree



Power outage this morning, about an hour, maybe more. Went to do some running around, but the post office auto-locks without power, and the other side of town had no power either. Big dent in my running around. Got some packages taped up, copyshop had power on my way home so I could get Wish3 copies.

Work meeting this morning; they don't want me to take any days off this week and would like me to work late every night. Very late. JOY.

Back has a very annoying twinge, which may be due to doing front crawl at swimming last night. Or stress. Or sleeping wrong. Or just the fact that it hates me, it's broken and I fell twice last week. Yeah, could be that...

Turned in Feb WW cover, hate it horribly.

Have one day to finish putting together illustrations for those damn articles. Which isn't a huge problem; it's not like I have to *draw* or write anything, just crop out the appropriate examples and code 'em into the text. Looking at schedule and wondering what gives to make that happen. Work, probably... just squeeze it in during my 'lunchbreak.'

Twisty tree

Angsty memories of less pleasant stuff...


I'm ahead of the architects.


Their idea of a fun time is to leave us drafters idle while they do things out of order and then dump seventeen pages of redlines on us at 4:30. They're great people; I love my job, but its frustrating getting all my work whipped out, having time to waste (discretely) and knowing no matter how fast and accurately I work, I still get to stay late. And I can't really work on article illustrations while other folks are around, so I gotta sneak it in while they're away however briefly - text windows look innocuous. (I'm so sorry for the delay, ciri, I'll scramble to get these to you asap!!)

Have a new (old) article up at FARP. Yay...

And now I tell gruesome stories of my past, 'cause with my back hurting lately I've been thinking about it a lot...

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Oh look, more work to do. Maybe I'll continue this later, though I kind of think it's out of me now so I probably won't. There's not much more: 'Then I got bored and depressed and made EMG out of desperation and now I'm not depressed and I don't think being bored will ever be a problem. The end.'

Nothing about squirrels here, either...

Darnit, I wish I was going home in half an hour. Stupid overtime! Stupid ridiculous expectations!

I feel apologetic... I've been terribly whiny today. Many of you are going through your own tough times, and really, I don't have much to complain about. Just hurting and resenting the upcoming overtime and feeling nostalgic. Don't mind the skinny girl behind the keyboard... :P She'll carry on, and she has very cute shoes that she is still smitten with.