February 5th, 2004


Art and busywork...


Busy morning. Not much workstuff, so I've been answering emails left and right, setting up new artists at the submission engine, plugging away at updating older entries, the usual busywork.

My back has decided it went too easy on me after Monday's fall and is acting up something fierce. I am icing, and about to break down and take some drugs. *limphobble*

Had art time last night! Instead of being good and working on the Feb Woodworks cover, I was bad and worked on the Woodworks Anthology cover, experimenting with some finish-work that I am absolutely *loving.* Damn. And I thought it looked good before. Very art neauvou. Very clean looking. I got a colored pencil blender... one of those marker-y thingies, and I love it! I absolutely destroyed the large tip (but it comes with a spare!), but the fine tip is holding up, and I like the results very much. The result is a much cleaner, richer piece. Hey ciri, would you be interested in having a one or two page walk-through of how I did the cover included as a bonus in the anthology? Not sure how it would translate to grayscale, but thought I'd offer. And darn it, I want my prismacolor tutorial back from the proofers so I can add another section on this blender. Still gotta put together illustrations for both inking and coloring article. No contract article in this issue. Maybe for March.

Feel naked. I forgot my watch on the bathroom counter after my shower this morning. I keep looking to check the date and getting an unpleasant shock when I don't have my watch on. I *always* wear my watch.

Really, really, really want to finish getting card sending services up, so I'm going to do that instead of babbling here.