February 3rd, 2004



Fell yesterday... not sure how but was one moment suddenly aware that I was sliding, and the next I was lying on my back looking up at the stars thinking, 'I wonder if someone will come find me if I can't get up.'

It was on ice-covered concrete steps in front of my parents' house, and I managed to bang up my wrist, arm, hip, ankle and the back of my head, as well as wrench myself something horrid. I was sure I was going to be out of commission today, but... *crosses fingers* the back doesn't have anything worse than a few minor twinges. It hurt worse last night than it does this morning. Maybe ice packs and Doan's (and some booze) really do work. The only thing really bugging me now is my ankle, which sort of burns...

Yay for not being crippled today! So grateful I could cry...

The Project! Hoorah!!

Shoulder, hip, wrist and ankle have gotten more tender as the day's gone on, but the back is still blissfully, happily not hurting badly. A little twinge now and then when I sit wrong, but not at all what it could be. *happies*

And... The Project lives! It'll undoubtedly be more impressive once more artists *coughhintcough* get involved, but I think that, thanks largely to Jennie's webgeniusness, it's a skookum, super-cool start. And the back-end operations of this thing are pretty darn slick. I'm very, very excited. Let me know what you think!! Or I'll pass out from suspense!! There's a forum, too. *grins*



I'll probably call it an early night. Ye olde back is beinging to protest, and the chair at my EMG office stinks. Got three orders ready to go, I'll finish up another two that are about ready and zoom off to sit on icepacks.

Very pleased with progress today; I got about half of all the entries with the new card package prices AND the new card sending service. It's going to be a little slower from here out, 'cause I've got a bunch of multiple-entries to combine and some clean-up to do, which will take a little more tweaking than the copy-paste I managed on some of the more recent entries. Nothing like learning as you go along.

And, in case I was subtle or something before, The Project is live!!! Yay! Got tons of email to answer, printer's done, gotta go.