January 30th, 2004


On Articles and sealing wax...

Every so often... oh, alright... quite often... I step back and wonder, 'where do I get off writing articles on the business of art?'

What do I know about the business of art? What do I know about business OR art?

Honestly, not much.

But I know a little, and I like to share it. Someone told me my articles were great for beginners, and I was a little chagrinned at first, felt damned with faint praise. I think, however, that it's a compliment. I've found a niche to write to, because most everything out there is aimed at the semi-pro for going pro, not the base amateur who just wants to make a little cash on the side with their talent. I *know* about that. I can *write* about that.

/random article musing...

Got some art time yesterday, finished another colored paper piece for the Project and the submission for the Epilogue contest. Nervous as heck about submitting it, but will anyway. Also dredged through a 'retired' sketchbook and found more work for the Project. Maybe will be unveiling in two days?? *glee*

Want to aaaaart or EMG, not print stupid airport pdfs...

You're all crazy!

I love winter! I love it!

I love that it's 42 below and your eyelashes freeze.

I love that the snow is up over your calves.

I love the ice fog that makes everything surreal.

I love the way cars get square tires and frozen shocks and sort of grind around like stone-age carts until the grease heats up.

I love the crunchy crystals that cling to everything with the slightest hint of heat.

I love the way airplanes sound like they're landing on you because of the distortion of sound!

I love wearing fur and big scarves and puffy coats, and the way everyone is anonymous when they're outside.

I love the way my glasses fog up when I come inside.

I love having frost in my hair!

I love how beautiful the mountains look, and the way the sunsets color the skies and how the snow sticks to bent-over trees and makes interesting shapes as it melts and freezes.

I love running outside in stocking feet and knowing my feet won't get wet because it's too cold to melt the snow underneath me. (Unless my socks have holes in them, which is a very unpleasant surprise)

I love the way cold air feels in your lungs.

I love the way your nose hairs freeze and get stiff when you breath in when it's very cold.

I love winter. I'm so happy that we're finally having a real one.