January 29th, 2004

Twisty tree


Hour 15 on a migraine. So not ready to go to work, but yesterday I was the only drafter there, and I except today will be the same. Forced down enough food that I can take a pain pill and now feeling Very sick.

I'll go take a hot shower and see if that helps. If not, work might just be outta luck.

It can be taught!

Alright, alright... I went home.

I went in to work for about half an hour, finished up a sheet I hadn't managed to finish yesterday, asked if they had enough work to keep me busy (they didn't, the other drafters were all back), and went home. I had a little mild snack and most of a coke, then I curled up on the loveseat with the down comforter, an icepack strapped to my eyes, and the cat buried underneath the blankets purring against my belly.

That's apparently the recipe for getting rid of a migraine. I feel all better, and refreshed and I gotta pee like you can't believe, but All Good. No more stabbing pains looking at lights! No more nausea! My back's a little cramped 'cause I was passed out for an hour and a half on the loveseat, but I think a little stretching will take care of it.

Then, I could go into town and get orders out, but they're all from today or yesterday, so they can all wait until tomorrow.

So, maybe I'll do a little art, and write a few emails, and get an entry or two up and take a nice, mellow afternoon off for ME.