January 28th, 2004



Felt horrid and queasy this morning, but got up and came into town to shower and go to work anyway... to find more than half our department out with puking illnesses.


If I start feeling queasy again, I may go home. Otherwise, it's going to be a craaaazy day.

Am I the only one who can only think of really lame subject lines?

Shoulders hurt, for some reason, but at least I haven't been struck down by the mysterious architectural department illness.

*crosses fingers*

Ren has unwittingly unveiled to me the *real* way to make EMG profitable; I have to turn it into a pyramid scheme, and get people to pimp EMG products to hapless kids for their lunch money, while I really make my money selling minions overpriced motivational videos and 'sales supplies.' Then, I'll start a spam email campaign. Then I'll be able to hire telemarketers. Then, I'll take over the world.

(Be honest, would Ellen want the world if that's what it took to get it?)

Am very, very excited about the Project. Got the FAQ polished up. I suck at making linking banners, or I'd be working on that, 'cause other than the forum... I think that's it! Wait, no... it needs some shopping cart thoughts, still. *trots off to think*

I want to make hot chocolate the way I did when we had a kitchen! With baker's chocolate and milk and raw sugar. Mmm...