January 25th, 2004


Weekend report

Got a bunch of orders compiled today, ordered paper, and am printing Wish3 covers. Scanned in and uploaded a bunch of Vanessa's stuff so I can post it hopefully tomorrow. Even got a few more RWH tarot cards laid out. Ready to go home, for sure. *ponders* Can't get the Wish3 out until Tues anyway, so probably shall, as soon as the queue empties out. Have tomorrow night's babysitting to finish the covers. Still have to go shopping, too.

Yesterday I got some painting time, and am predictably blah about the results. Needed to be done, so I'm glad I worked on it, but I'm just NOT comfortable with watercolors. I'll probably work over a lot of the important areas in prismacolor. Gretchen's version of the colors is much prettier than mine.

I also installed Masters of Orion onto dad's ancient laptop and enjoyed several hours of guilt-free gaming time until the Klackons destroyed my fleet and the game shut itself down.

Tomorrow's To-Do

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