January 23rd, 2004


Friday blather

I think my email just hung up again. I'm only moderately pleased with Squirrelmail in general... it's got a couple-a bugs that make me nervous. For the most part, though, the convenience is well worth any minor glitches.

Plugging away at horoscopes. Lalalala... You will develop warts... monkeys will spring from your buttocks... your fingernails will chip... don't cross dark-haired women with short tempers...

Got my email box down to two pages! Woot!

Got up an hour early to watch Isaac while Becca took Ethan to school... Isaac was sick yesterday (though he was fine and Very talkative this morning), so he got to stay home. Got a teensy bit of EMG done and some financial work for my out-of-town parents. Got some transfers printed and some bookmarks laminated. Enough to get a couple of orders out today. No new orders in today, which is almost a relief. I'd like to get caught up. Honest, I would. A little puzzled not to see anyone taking advantage of the fact that I've warned them that I'm raising the price on my card packages at the end of the month. (In case you're not on my mailing list: Card packages go up to $15 at the end of the month!!) There's no gaming this weekend, which gives me some hope for working on the RWH tarot deck.

Saturday, I'd like to art. I need to pick up new watercolor brushes today. I have lots of great teensy ones, but the largest I've got is about 1/4" and sitting down to work on the Immortality cover has been brutal. Great texture, but an hour of work and I haven't even finished the grass. Sheesh. I need to get some good wash-brushes.

Finished the inking article yesterday! Woot! Having written a business article for Epilogue, with two more in the works, I felt very guilty and obligated to write more articles for Woodworks. I've got one on stitching scans mostly finished, one on contracts that is just an outline and some scribbles in the margins of my work schedule (I'd really like to finish that for Feb, but we'll see...), one finished that needs illos on burnishing w/ prismacolors, and one on... um... something. Somewhere. Maybe that was all. I forget.

Project going swimmingly.

I'm thinking I'm going to set up another greymatter session for the cards service... a gallery of smallish thumbnails so you can look at a whole page of choices without scrolling down, but without the main site sidebar to take up so much room on the right. The main entry will be the thumbnail with entry link, the extended entry (and entry page) will contain the destination address form, which carries you to the shopping cart. Return to the original page and click on a new card to continue. Enables easier ordering of duplicate designs. Thinking of making the categories the artists and the entries in three authors so I could get three columns of thumbnails to auto-generate by have columns containing {logentrylist author}. I dunno. It's kind of mind-boggling how many ways there are of doing things and I'm still stuffed up and sort of spacey feeling.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Victoria! Got your CD, haven't popped it in to see if it'll read yet, but the package arrived in one piece. :)

I am so ready for a nap.

And my gut says...

Possibility of slimeball factor high.

But we'll see...


Have gotten 1/100th the scanning done tonight that I wanted, but have yummy fresh pecan bars, two episodes of Babylon5 fresh in my head, and warm family fuzzies, so I can't care much. Tomorrow, art. Sunday, EMG. Rinse and repeat...

One more scan, a shower and then I can go home to my sweetie.

Maybe I can coax him into an episode of Battlestar Galactica. I haven't quiiiite met my sci fi quota for the week yet.