January 14th, 2004


Just a double-check - you computer-savvy people!

I used the default 'maximum partition' when I went through that song and dance, and apparently, it chose a single partition (only one additional drive shows up in my tree). I was warned, in geek-speak that I barely understood, that I was going to have to partition this in halves because I have Win 98 SE??? Is this true? Do I need to re-partition?? I'd like to know now before I start storing stuff on this drive. Any advice is welcome!


Edit: helps if I mention that its an 80 gig drive, probably...

Wish3 woot!

Volume 2 is mastered, Volume 3 is thumbnailed, new hard drive ROCKS. Had a late start this morning, too... I think I can get Volume 3 mastered in another hour or two after lunch, and then I tackle covers and printing. Woot! Maybe I can mail 'em tonight!!

Now that I can save stuff, I'm wizzing through pages, and the printer is behaving well and nobody's bugging me. Only hang up might be if my color ink doesn't get here today for the covers... but it was overnighted on Monday, so it ought to be showing up any minute.

Off to find sustanence and then it's back to the happy grindstone. :)

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Sooooo close! Volume 3 is mastered, I was just finishing up the title page, acknowledgements, etc, and the printer just pooped out 'cause color's out, regardless of the fact I'm printing grayscale and don't *need* the stupid color. Damn technology, always thinking it's smarter than me.

But I'm going to take all the volumes (what I've got of them) to DateLine and do a test run anyway. Check out the trim lines and make sure I have the story in order... had a nasty surprise when I couldn't read my thumbnail notes and ran into a duplicate page! Thought I'd royally gummed up the order and would have re-master 3/4 of a volume, but no, I just couldn't tell my 27 from my 23. One page to redo. Soo... off to see if my ink has been delivered, do a test print of all three volumes and fill up the car with gas so I don't die on the side of the road going home tonight. Very good things!

Must remember to return Janice's Win98 disk...

Second try at this entry... darn stupid Ellen and her twitchy mousefinger...

Running out of steam...

Wish that days were different lengths; I just want to curl up and sleep every eight or so hours.

New method of card printing kicks ass. Probably about 500% better quality, and so much easier than my full-page printing that it makes me want to cry over the time I've wasted on the crappy-ass cards I was producing. Must have sale on in-stock said crappy-ass cards. Price on new cards may go up slightly, but probably only on the 10-packs, and probably only back to their original price of $15. Quality is not only better, but seriously, markedly, incredibly better. I plan to stop at OfficeMax on my way home and buy *all* the stock they have. Or tomorrow, if I haven't got the energy.

I have the first ever Volume 1 of Wish3 in my hot little hands! Liking the cover very, very, very much, moderately okay with the pages quality. It's halftone photocopying (only way to be affordable) and there's some toner noise I don't like. I'll also have to see if I can't get a brighter paper stock for the limited edition. Becca flipped through it and said she thought it was an incredible deal for $8, so hopefully everyone else will, too. Maaaay raise the prices a buck on all the open editions; it's tight getting Syl $1 a copy at these prices. And she ought to get that at least, imho.

I have bled onto this first volume, thanks to wrestling staples (I left vol 2 & 3 to be staple bound by DateLine), so you can safely say that the print volumes of Wish3 were christened with blood.

New drive kicks ass, feeling moderately happy with my general accomplishments, was very happy that the copier munching on my originals was gentle in its munching, have ink, hopefully tomorrow night I can finish up covers and production stuff and friday get Wish3 out. Probably will send an email to those who have ordered saying Saturday mail-out, seeing as something *always* goes wrong and I stink at estimating the time things will take.

And here I am babbling. Dinner's about ready, my bloodsugar's seriously spiked thanks to a second coke (bad, bad, bad Ellen) and I gotta wrap up for the night.

Take care of yourselves, all!