January 12th, 2004

Twisty tree

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Hurts! Spent too much time hunched over Wish3 and inkwork this weekend, apparently.

Tonight, swimming and more Wish3. Think I can get it fully mastered if I don't get distracted. The actual production will be fairly swift, fortunately and I've already got several covers printed up. Maybe I can take tomorrow off of work after the meeting. That'd be sweet.

I so don't want to be at work today... I want to go get a second harddrive installed, and finish inking the key piece I posted yesterday, and finishing Wish3, and writing Torn World and Kaz stuff. Or sleeping. I'd even settle for a nap right now.

88 messages in ye olde inbox... Ugh.

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Down to 60 messages, and need to switch gears 'cause paying artists has GOT to be done first. Ugh. (And it'll generate more message, of course!)

I recommend these guys. Wholeheartedly!! If you need ink and order lots of it, these people have excellent prices, and if you call their 800 #, even on weekends, you get a real person, they make an effort to get your stuff out /quickly./ I ordered Saturday night through their webpage, and left 'em a note saying I'd love to get the ink on Monday (which I knew was unreasonable), and a 'keep up the good work' bit. They called me this morning at work to let me know they'd gotten more order and done the best they could, and that it'd be overnighted, and they were happy to see me back. Great, great people.



Gigs and Icons

I have an 80 gig hard drive in hand, with every intension of installing myself rather than paying another $35 and waiting three days to have it installed. It doesn't sound that complicated.

Famous last words, right?

*knocks on wood*

Went to the post office to return the B-3 Bomber jacket I bought for Jake. It was a size too large. :( Hate the post office at lunch. Now have work stuff to do.

Want to art. Badly.

It's like a drug, seriously, give me just a taste over the weekend and now I'm practically falling down from withdrawal....

Does it take long to format a drive? Maybe while it's partitioning or whateverthecrap it does, I can ink more. Muuuuuust iiiiiiiink.

To appease my artgland, I am illicitly making a new icon at work. So there. Can you buy more icon space without buying the rest of the LJ bells and whistles? Honest, I just want more icons... I can live with an ugly journal, 'cause *I* hardly ever look at it. :P
Twisty tree


Stupid Dell!!!

So me, wiz with ye olde screwdriver, I wrestle apart my case (actually quite easy once I realized you pushed, THEN pulled) and get the hard drive in. No problem! Piece-a-cake, I'm on a roll! I get the power hooked up. A little tight, not much wiggle room and the cord's juuuust barely long enough. I go to connect up the cable that talks to the computer... and... it doesn't reach. It doesn't freaking reach!! Not even close! I unhook it from the motherboard as if I can bend the rules of space and time hooking it up in a different order, but noooo... it doesn't even touch, let alone have enough slack to rotate in at the right orientation.



So, since I can't go get a cable (babysitting), and I can't bend the space time continuum with my brain, I gotta reassemble my stupid computer and wait until tomorrow to get a freaking longer cable.


And my back still hurts and I really hate working on these Wish3 masters without being able to SAVE the freaking files. If I knew for sure I had tomorrow off, I'd say screw it and go happily art on the couch for a few hours. I may do that anyway... No, I'll pay artists, THEN I'll go sit on the couch in blissful artopia thinking nothing of rotten short evil bastard cables.