January 10th, 2004



Brain is dead.

Volume 1 is mastered, getting ready to buckle down and start Volume 2. Took a test copy of the first half of vol. 1 and am not displeased.

Five orders out, some emails out, still haven't finished slogging through artistpay and feeling rotten about that.

Going out with Melody tonight to see the Skidmarks play, but feeling pretty out of energy.

If Jake's given me his cold, I'm going to kick his butt.

I think I'll take a shower, see if that makes me feel better. I need to quit staring at this bloody screen for a few.


Oh yes! I did take a few minutes for me, and scanned in the final, finished Freedom, and I don't have to keep it 'secret' anymore. :P I even *gasp* submitted it to Epilogue and am now minorly worried that it won't make the cut. Minorly. If I had more energy, I might care more.

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