January 6th, 2004


*yawn* Another random ramble.

I need coffee!

What I love about swimming is how well I sleep at night. I was warm, and comfy everytime I woke up, and fell back to sleep very quickly. I did have odd dreams about Wish3 being in colored pencil, with PEACOCK feathers EVERYWHERE. Gee, wonder where that one came from. Also, there was a big shopping mall with cute entrance guards, and a beautiful kiosk of exotic silks and embroidered tapestries.

Shoulders a little sore this morning, but not bad at all.

Got a migraine last night, so I didn't get much EMG done. Did write the disk I need, and print the t-shirt transfer most crucial. Of course, I didn't /bring/ a t-shirt today, but Kev'll spot me one. I owe him a mousepad, too.

Need to print another edition of Adventurers.

I love-love-love my new camera. Only drawback from a manual is that it gets cold and the shutter slooooows dooooown. Some of the fireworks pictures I took turned out kind of cool, by sheer luck, but most of em fizzled. My fingers were cold and my camera was colder, so the poor thing spent most of its time inside my coat.

Off to colorize more elevations.

Just supposing...

Just supposing I wanted to put together an anthology of well-written, thoroughly and well-illustrated fantasy and science fiction short stories (first time print rights required, previously e-published [but taken down on acceptance] acceptable), would any of you have entries?

Purely theoretical, of course, 'cause it's not like that's something I'd actually like to do. *whistling innocently*

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