January 2nd, 2004


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Gotten a lot of work done today, but not as much as I needed to. Started working on artist pay, realized there's some bugs in my database, so I've got to do them manually. Still have to enter fair and bazaar sales, too. Played with some of the backend coding of the beast, and finally gave up. It's faster at this point to do it manually. Oh well... it's still a sweet system, and I think I will be able to manipulate it the way I want eventually. It'll just take some careful tweaking.

Printed the first cover for Wish3, looks fabulous, stuffed it with some dummy pages and gave it a test-crease, still looks fabulous. Pleased enough to go put it up on the webpage, just need to do the shopping cart coding, the image making and some LE price-estimating. :D

Had to spend some valuable time deleting stuff off of harddrive, again... scratch disk full, scratch disk full, eat my shorts, scratch disk full... *grumble* Called to try to make an appointment to get a new hard drvie stuffed in, but only got an answering machine. Rargh. In interests of saving space, haven't scanned in Freedom. *fidgets* Space problems keeping me from formatting all of Wish3 pages to correct sizes, scanning in Vanessa's originals and making me tear out my hair.

Did I mention how great Wish3 is looking? I gotta be happy with that.

That, and I cleaned up my office space so I can walk from one end to the other. Much overdue.

Now I have to print out three orders, make it to the heat press and back to the post office before they close, and scan in some bookmarks and bookplates so that I can post Vanessa's book, finish the laundry, shower and pack up all my sales info so I can sit and calculate artist pay tonight at home. Feeling cranky... did I have lunch??

Glad I got to art yesterday... did get the inks of the Woodworks cover scanned so I can color that tonight if I have time after calcing artist pay.

Enough outta me...