December 31st, 2003


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Got some running around done today, and man, my back and shoulders and neck feel great still!

Didn't get Sylver's or Vanessa's stuff up. Ugh. Or whatshisfaces, or... well, there's lots I didn't do. But I did scan some stuff, so if I don't feel like coming in tomorrow I can paint the peacock lady. And I'm uploading a few images to my server and I've grabbed the RWH tarot disc.

Went to the bank, the post office, the t-shirt press place (didn't reverse an image! Rats! Have to go back Friday), filled up the car with gas, got more matte paper and found a skookum way to display small magnets and stickers at the fair. Skookum, I'm telling you. Cleaned, both at home and washed dishes for my sister, and took a shower. Went and looked at jewelry setting with said sister. (She's had the stones taken out of her engagement ring and is putting them in a cross)

About to head home to my sweetie and see what our eve's plan are. Probably watch fireworks and do a private countdown and go to bed, knowing us exciting people. We'll have to drive into town for the fireworks, have to find out when they start... I want to try taking pictures with my new camera!! We were invited to my boss' party in North Pole, but ... eh... I'm not a party person, I'm not sure we'd know anyone.

May be doing a logo for the jewelry store. Not sure why I keep agreeing to do logos. I hate them. At least this would just be a re-draw of an existing design, no mental work.

Now where the heck are those discs. I still have to go shopping on my way home. We at /least/ have to have something to toast with...

Edit: Oh, yeah, and:

Happy New Year!!!