December 30th, 2003


You Woodworks readers and editors...

So, we're looking at another year, and Madame Million's got some questions:

1. Do you read the horoscopes every month?

2. Do you read all of 'em, or only your own?

3. Do you feel like they're getting stale?

4. Do you know anyone better suited to writing them that also has the time and energy and can reliably make deadlines?

5. Can you ID any weaknesses in them to date?

6. What are their strengths?

7. Do you feel these horoscopes are a cheat, seeing as they are based solely on what crazy ideas I have at hand and not on any actual astrological, mythological or spiritual foretelling?

8. Did you think that these horoscopes were actually accurate predictions by a licensed psychic and now you're so devastated to find this isn't the truth that you're going to have to schedule a session with a shrink?

9. Got any suggestions that don't fit into these categories?

(Have no clue what I'm talking about? You probably don't read Woodworks.)

I am liquid

Ahhh... the massage therapist gave me extra time, I think, and the cracks were most crack-like and now I am icing my neck with the pack held in place with a long, gorgeous scarf from songblade that I picked up at the post office today. (And I am remiss! I got delicious smelly soaps from chamois_shimi that are simply wonderful! Thank you, thank you!! And a card from ht! I'm not worthy! You guys are awesome!)

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