December 25th, 2003



Even a snuffly nose and sore throat can't put a dent in this Christmas.

It was a beautiful day, snowy and cold, and I got far more than I deserved. Topping the list is a 6.2 Megapixel Canon Rebel EOS 400D. *grin* *big grin*

I'll post pictures when I'm feeling less stuffed up and woozy.

Had dinner with Rebecca, Jake and the nephews, and it went really very well. The little guys loved their train parts and the tools Becca got them. Rebecca made a feast, everyone was cheerful and the whole mood was just wonderful.

Came home, watched Battle Star Galactica w/ Jake (I got him the DVD set), now yawning and wondering if I have the energy to make hot cocoa... or better yet, hot cider with spiced rum. Mm!

I hope everyone's having as much fun as I am (and feeling a heck of a lot better...). :)