December 10th, 2003


Input request

First off, thank you to everyone who's commented on the last few entries. I was visited by a photo fairy! The lavender resources are wonderfully useful, much better than anything I was able to find.

Second off, I'd like to know what you guys think about some EMG topics:

As a shopper:

~ Do you find exclusivity an appealing aspect of EMG, that you can find the things I carry there and only there? Or do you really care if I carry the same stuff Hallmark carries and there's a Cafepress store selling the same designs?

~ How much does a signature add to your perceived value of a print or product?

~ What's your opinion on 'limited editions' as opposed to open editions?

~ Do you collect? (If so, what kinds of things? Originals? Sculptures? Genres? Books? Frogs?)

~ What's your opinion of auctions vs. direct sales?

~ List the following in terms of importance to you when making a purchase: quality, price, customer service, convenience (think 'check-out-line' vs having to order something) and design.

As an artist (as many of you are... I'm equally interested in non-EMG-artist input):

~ Do you find exclusive deals too restrictive?

~ Would you make and sell your own products if you had the resources handy and affordable, or would you prefer to do art and let someone else deal with sales and customer service?

~ What's your opinion on 'limited editions' as opposed to open editions?

~ Is art your full-time pursuit? (If not, would you like it to be and/or are you working towards making it so? And what do you feel is your major hurdle?)

Answers may be emailed to me: (Remove the SPAMBLOCK, of course....), or you may reply here. Feel free to only answer the questions you feel comfortable answering. Most of these can be one-word replies, but naturally, I'm interested in any insight you may have on these subjects.

I whole-heartedly appreciate any thoughts you feel like sharing! Thank you!!