December 5th, 2003



My inbox is down to 10 messages. Five of 'em are orders, and the other five are less than a day old, most of 'em fun stuff to just read and then file...

I should celebrate!

By writing horoscopes!


Inbox down to *8* messages, five of them orders, three of them funstuff. (If you haven't heard from me and expect to... ah... I suck and probably threw your email out with the spam. Write again?)

Horoscopes and one review in to Woodworks. Feel like a traitor for volunteering to do an article for the Epilogue zine. :P Don't worry, I'll still most of my work for WW.

Have finally, finally, finally gotten some response to the t-shirt special. I was very miffed that there were no takers for the halloween magnet/sticker special, or the free additional shipping special (both now ended). Made me wonder why I bothered offering sales. This has been much more successful already with one order and a serious inquiry.

First Friday art ramble in thirty minutes! Woot!!