December 2nd, 2003


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Oh. My. God.

I must go back to my last entry and double-bold and underline and italicize 'lucky.'

Italicize is undoubtedly spelled wrong. But I don't care!!!

I was over at DateLine getting some bookmarks laminated and discovered that they were going out of the t-shirt, mousepad and mug business. And that they were selling all their blank stock. At very good prices. I counted the stock, came up with a low, low, seriously, seriously low, rock bottom, never-in-a-million-years-will-they-take-it sort of price.

And they said Sure.

So I am now several hundred dollars poorer and several hundred t-shirts, mousepads and mugs richer. I have no Idea where I will put it all. Some of it will probably be boxed up and put out in the connex.

And I am feeling very compelled to go back and buy my very own t-shirt press for a /steal/ of a price. A Steal, I tell you. My sole reluctance is a very un-business-like realization that Kev is shopping for a new heat press, and he needs it more than I do. Of course, he's got a much larger working capital. And it would be So much nicer not having to plan trips across town to make this stuff. And... aw, geez. I should just call them and tell them I don't need to think about it overnight. I'm getting the heat press. *squashes twinge of guilt*

What does this mean? Very definitely a big T-shirt and Mousepad super sale at EMG. (White t-shirts only... S-XL only, 'cause that's all they had)

Edit: Oh! I even got the groovy plastic tubs the t-shirts were being stored in! And I have tomorrow off from work to update the webpage!!