November 20th, 2003



Alright, I feel like giving a really solid critique, and my critiques involve lots of pointing out what's wrong and going into depth. I don't like to give these unrequested, so... request! I think I have a few spare minutes today, and, though I'm plugging away at EMG too, darn it, I can do something /I/ want to do, too. Gimme a link and let me know if you want the critique emailed to you or posted (if at a site that allows comments).

Probably have to limit this to the first five or so requests.

Inbox woes and loans and deviations...

One of the great problems with emptying out my Inbox is that people feel obligated to reply to the emails that I send and then I have a whole bunch of new emails in my Inbox and I've gotten nowhere. Inbox is overfull again.


Dealing with loan people again. *sigh*

Presentation delayed... again.

But it's Thursday, so there was a new Digger up! Yay! And finding a wombat striking a heroic pose and claiming, "I am UNCLEEEEEAN!" is surely enough to brighten anyone's day.

I have mostly unraveled the mystery that is DeviantArt, and now have three happy pieces up over here.