November 7th, 2003


Thank heavens it's Friday...

Blah. Just, blah.

I'm happy to report that we finally have some snow! Of course, it's still 32 degrees, but hey, it's better than rain and 32 degrees!

Finished some Dear Lovemakers, printed some t-shirt graphics, printed a canvas print to finish up an order, took a shower, and replaced the background and title graphic on the Epilogue ad.

Today: emails. Signature pages. Hockey with the spouse. And ya know, that 8 hours of work thing that gets so old so fast. Must be dilligent. Debts to pay and all...


More hours!!!

Two of the older submission packages weeded through, emails written. Signature pages printed, and two even signed and in their envelopes. More emails written. T-shirts ordered.

Having a dickens of a time trying to get these photos stitched for work, 'cause a) it's got lots and straight lines to worry about; no fudging in textures to cover weirdnesses, and b) the pictures were taken in a teensy alley, so all of the photos have extreme distortion and photo curves. And they're all from radically different angles. This elevation is going to look like crap, and there's just not much I can do about it. Rargh, I say. Rargh.

In severe need of more art time, kinda wish I hadn't agreed to go to the hockey game tonight. I'm seriously hoping for an all-art Saturday. I would love-love-love to finish Bad Snowy. Probably in prismapencil, but I'm just not sure. Maybe the snowies in watercolor? Along those lines; any thoughts on the coloring for them? I should note that they come in all kinds of colors; striped, spotted, calico, that grey-blue that some dogs and cats get, reddish, orange, black, white, mottled, white socks and stars... I'll probably keep these guys a bit toned down.

Feeling stagnant with art, like I'm scrambling just to maintain a set level, not improving at all. Need more hours in a day.

*shakes clock* More hours!!