November 6th, 2003

Twisty tree


Getting email used to be so... fun. It was so exciting to have messages in the Inbox, or to get the little pop-up 'You have x number messages.' Oo! Maybe there's an order, or a question about EMG, or a friendly personal note from someone I know! Now, I find myself betting with my otherself... porn, drugs or degrees? Get laid, lose weight or get a better job? I think perhaps 1% of my messages now have substance. Some of the charm is gone.

It's sad.
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Oooooo OO!

I can give my artists more personalized EMG links! Ya know, like etc. Easier to remember, and it would help if I ever decide to reorganize again, 'cause I can just redirect the subdomain off in that direction. Hee!! Subdomains are funnnn....

My question becomes: do they pick their own username? Or do I use manditory last names and/or name combos only? Hmm..... now points to my personal corner. Woot!

Edit: And email addresses! I can give everybody addresses! I knew I could do this, 'cause Jennie told me I could, but I just figured out how. :)