October 30th, 2003



Re: cards. I will be going to Dateline at lunch today, explaining their buffoonery to them, and telling them that /they/ will be hand-trimming the oversized cards to size. The undersized cards are a wash, and they will be requested to reimburse me. I doubt they will, and I /won't/ let them reprint the cards for me. Their printers aren't the same quality as mine, and the cardstock they use isn't the same smoothness. They /will/ give me my next cut free. I will not be trusting them with my printed product again. I am bringing in blank cardstock, to be cut before I print on it, and if they can't get it right, they can pay me for new cardstock. That's something I can go out and buy. I can't go out and buy back the time I spent setting up those print jobs, and they aren't going to want to pay for my ink losses.

I will have to re-lay /all/ of my card print files, but this is the third or fourth time their cuts have been bad, and that's just not acceptable.

I know the owner, fortunately, and he's a pretty reasonable guy, so I'll go to him to get what I need, if I have to.

I'd love to have an extra thousand dollars lying around to just go buy my own guillotine cutter. And laminator. And one of the Epson 4000s. And studio space. And a pool boy to answer my emails. Alright, so that would take more than just an extra grand...

Soo... write rejection letters to complete my foul mood?

I /really/ want to be working on my mermaids picture...

I hate gearing up for confrontations. I'm no good at them.

(no subject)

I stole this. Without even answering it for the people I stole it from. Bad Ellen.

I want Ellen to draw/write _____________.
Ellen should get a clue and stop drawing/writing _________.
_______ would make Ellen's artwork/stories/articles better.
If Ellen draws/writes _________ one more time, I'll kick her ass because it's so annoying.
Ellen should redraw/rewrite __________ and change _________.
Ellen should ____________ in her next picture/story.
Ellen should put this/these object(s) in her next drawing/story/article: ___________


I went and told Dateline what was what. They groveled, gave me $15 in credit, trimmed the oversized cards, apologized some more, cut some blank cardstock (perfectly!) for free and apologized again.

So, while all is not perfect, I'm no longer on the warpath. The Ellen has been appeased.

I finished a colored pencil tutorial, just need to add pictures. Add that to the stitching files together tutorial, and I feel good. Ah crap... November horoscopes. I've got them started. Somewhere.