October 28th, 2003


Tuesdays are longer than Mondays...

I have tomorrow afternoon off. They balked at giving me a /whole/ day, 'cause Bill's gone for two weeks starting Monday and lots has to be done before that. Which means, at least, I can get whatever time I need off in the next two weeks. Tempted to take a whole art day, but I what I /really/ want to do is get these two done before my deadline so I can offer 'em through EMG. I have to follow my own deadline, right? Right?

I'd put up more work if I had it accessible... Hrm. All of the submissions I have contracted and not put up are delayed 'cause I don't have the files with me, or still need to scan and /make/ the files. Oooo... I could put up the Wedding card I did; I have those files. Maybe I'll go do that.

I can put together a couple-a contracts, too. (Ran out of work. Big, heart-pounding crunch this morning, and now I'm twiddling my fingers. Could write. Might write! But more likely to work on EMG. I'm soooo bad.)

(fiddling occurs)

Well! I just implemented new shipping options! *grin* Now, you can choose 2nd day air or priority mail at the checkout if you're in the US. Woot!

*fidgets* I want to work on my mermaids some more, darnit. Or the snowy. *whines* I just want to art...

*sighs and wanders off to work.*