October 22nd, 2003


*this space reserved for something meaningful...*

So I'm seriously considering purchasing a Spotlight Ad at Epilogue for November. The Spotlight ad is that gigantic one in the middle of the main page. *nodsnods* It's actually a good deal until the end of the year. It /won't/ be a good deal next year.

I was a little reluctant to write and query for pricing, because a) I've had rotten luck getting anyone at Epilogue to answer /any/ of my emails. And b)... I've been sour about that rotten luck.

But hey, luck is luck, maybe they were going through growing pains at the time. They responded promptly this time, and answered all of my questions and buttered me up juuuust a little, so that was very nice.

I'm feeling a bit chipper because someone came along and ordered some of the new work yesterday, and I got some minutia taken care of, and I've got two new designs up at EMG. I /still/ need to send signature pages (argh!), but I'm not feeling hopelessly behind. I even got some sketching time last night. I don't want to do much more in pencil than I got done because I have such a clear picture of what it will be like in color. I wanted to color in Unicorn Key with prismas, but I left that sketchpad in my parents' basement. Gotta remember to pick that up tonight.

Should have worked on Wendy's logo, but forgot. Doh! Cause I'm a blonde, yeah, yeah...
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