October 17th, 2003



Look at her go! More glorious updates!

I love how easy it is to update now. I haven't announced the latest slough of new work to the updates list, mostly because I know /I'd/ be peeved to get a notice every day for two stinking designs apiece... Maybe I can push forward and get a bunch done today and then write a note this weekend.

Saturday, I'll be making ornaments for the Nov. 2 bazaar. I'm going to Melody's house and we're going to experiment with bevelled vs. not-bevelled glass, glass on both sides, design on both sides, wire hangers, etc. Whatever we decide looks best, we'll be 'mass-producing' next weekend. I may rope her into helping me w/ tarot cards and/or book binding, too. I'd love to have some journals available at the bazaar.

That's the part I really like about EMG... the making stuff. The making people happy stuff.

I think it's time for new icons...