October 13th, 2003


(no subject)

Good weekend. Tons and tons to do. Wrote a post for Saturday, just need to suck it off dad's laptop. Gamed on Sunday (Red Dwarf) and didn't get much EMG done.

This news brief brought to you by the number 6 and the letter Gggggg....


Long day, but lots accomplished. Got another design set up at EMG. Yeah, just 1, but it was a complicated one... definitely not just cut and paste. I like the final product, though. Clean, plenty of detail available, seems to fill up the space correctly at most window-sizes. And that's another artist page set up, too.

Getting ready to tackle Victoria's pile 'o work. I kind of doubt I'll get all the way through tonight. I'm beat already, and still have magents for Woodworks to cut out. And T-shirt care sheets to print. I should at least be able to get the shopping cart scripts written, and the images made up. I can't believe I've already used up 450 Megs of webspace... that upload site is a tempting space hog, and I'm going to have to stay on top of cleaning it out.

Serious, seriously considering taking a whole week off the first week of November. The luxury! The obscene amount of work I could get done!! Submissions would be closed, and I could just plow through and get everything updated. And work on those bloody tarot cards.