October 7th, 2003

Twisty tree

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Frigging pissed off at dreamhost. Damn webmail is down. Again.

Early morning meeting.



Edit: oh, and I sent a link to the Wrong Page to my update list last night. Fixed now, but gaaahhhhhhhhhhh....

Why isn't it 5?

Got two new designs up at EMG. Shouldn't take me this long to get new work up. Of course, it'll be much quicker once everything is transitioned over to the new systems. More to do, but lunch is only so long. Moving computer to home soooon, which will also speed up the process.

Head hurts, juuuuust a little. I suspect oncoming migraine, but I'm not sure yet. Took some advil for my back, hopefully it'll help. Had a Coke earlier, that should help, too. Have an order to get out tonight... maybe. Have to meet with the bank-people about the construction loan (rotten goons) after work first. Which is stillll 1.5 hours away. *dies*

*pout* Don't wanna work.