October 3rd, 2003


I can never think of subjects...

Afternoons off rock.

I was v. bad and bought 34 episodes of Twilight Zone on DVD. What a stitch! Then I sat on my heating pad most of the afternoon and finished inking the romantic piece I'd started earlier this week. V. pleased with the results, though iffy about some of the details... his cloak, in particular. Back feels great this morning. Won't push it...

Was asked to supply some spot inkwork for an Alaska Health newsletter, which will be no pay, but good exposure, and they are happy, nay, thrilled, with existing pieces and little details of existing pieces. Can do.

Email is slooooooowwwwww today. Frustratingly slow. Really, terribly molasses-ly slow. *pursed lips* Dreamhost may be getting a nasty letter from me shortly here. This is ridiculously slow, and it's starting to put a crimp in my work. And this isn't the first time this week. If it's not running more reliably this afternoon I shall unleash my wrath.

Writing AutoCAD article for work, fun!

Top of EMG list: set up woodworks order page. Write to Ciri about photos and magnets. Finish slugging through old emails. Write to S.H. re: custom stationery. Get NEW WORK UP. Gahh...

My foot is falling asleep.


Yaknow, I gotta figure I write waaaay over 50k words a month. Way, waaaay over. It's just mostly business emails instead of fun stuff. *sighs*

Have not decided whether or not I shall attempt NaNoWriMo. I was deadset on it, but I've got some other responsibilities that I ought to clear up instead. Like RWH tarot cards. And the gobs of otherstuff on my plate.

Ah crap, I haven't written horoscopes for October yet... I completely forgot! Yipes! *scrambles* I hope they aren't getting repetitive; I haven't read back through any of the old ones in some time.