September 29th, 2003


Mondays last forever...

I yerked something rotating tires yesterday. Or possibly walking on Saturday, but more likely rotating tires.

Stupid tires... That'll teach me.

So today I have pain in one hip and butt, like a pulled-muscle pain. Makes me wince and walk funny, darnit. No laughing!

'Nother rejection letter down. Hatehatehate writing the things. Love crossing them off of my list.

I'll be taking a frozen pie to my sisters tonight and playing monitor after the rugrats're in bed while she's at bible study. It's a very nice Monday night schedule. I get to work on EMG for a couple-a hours while Jake's watching football, I get some family time with my sister, I'm stuck at the 'office' for some dedicated time and generally I get quite a bit done.

Just please, please, let her get the kids down before she goes. Isaac was very, very good last week, but it takes time to get him down, and my time is something, frankly, that I'm very stingy with. Not proud of that fact, but there it is.

ACS was still charging me for hosting my webpage... rotten corporate so-and-sos. So I made two phonecalls and waded through their phone menus (ie: IQ filters). And after much polite bitching, they are crediting me back to mid-August. As it should be. Rar.

Quittin' time! Woo hoo!

Head beginning to throb...

Second load of laundry is in the dryer and I'm about to go shower. Pie is cooling. Kids are sleeping. Head is throbbing.

I'm thinking of cutting my hair. Only one thing is holding me up... can you still wear hairsticks with shoulder-length hair? Anyone know? I really adore my pretty hairsticks, so I'd want to cut to whatever length will still allow me to wear them.

Got a buttload of old emails sorted through tonight. Okay, a handful. But they were really time-consuming and fricking difficult, so I'm counting them as a good accomplishment. I will say for the umpeenth time, I am SO glad I am moving to the submission engine thingy that I put together.

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