September 25th, 2003


It's Thursday

*whew* I can't believe it isn't even noon yet.

I've re-laid an ad and squeaked it back to the publisher by deadline, printed godawful heaps of this horrible airport project, red-lined some very involved sheets (re-red-lined I might add, since I had made exactly the opposite changes yesterday... argh!), established that my payment *finally* reached my credit card company (two weeks!!), printed more of the rotten airport project, re-written the cgi script for my upload site, added authors to that site and the submission site, and written a couple-a emails. Most of this while sneezing like crazy. Allergies, I think. Thought I was going to run off the road driving in a couple-a times! Sudafed has helped. I think my co-workers were making fun of me... *mockglare*

Oh! I also updated my personal page! Probably nothing new for any of you guys, mostly re-posting the taking and giving criticism articles and the flash fiction I did last week. This week. Whenever that was. Time has lost all meaning... woooOooOOoo...

I'm going to go get some lunch!

Why isn't it 5 yet?

We bought a TV yesterday. Woops! It was used, and what a screaming deal. $100. $90 bought my parents a teensy little thing about a foot wide with a crappy little imbedded vcr at Sam's Club. $10 more bought us a nearly-new 27" behemoth and a gorgeous little Ethan Allen wooden end table, which was probably worth $100 all by itself (not that I would pay for $100 something that can be duplicated with milkcrates...). Futurama is billboard sized. Babylon 5 is in our living room. It ROCKS. I wish I were at home watching Babylon 5 now... I hadn't seen any of the first season, and I'm enjoying the heck out of 'em.

Jake has tomorrow off, the unspeakable little so-and-so. I'm always jealous because his days off are actually that. Days off. My days off are EMG days, and running around days, and catch-up days.

ARGH! Three more hours of work.