September 10th, 2003


Clever Ellen.

I feel so clever!

My package with dreamhost didn't include anonymous ftp... had to get the business package at some ungodly price.

So I whipped together /another/version of greymatter (I now have four or five copies running on my site...) and made an upload program. And it's sweeeet. I am going to lead all of my submissions through it. All of them!! I can make the artists enter their own keywords and upload images, and then I'll have all of the art right there in one single place, and I can do a search for, say, 'coloring book' and get all of the submissions for coloring books on one page with images right there!! Ee!!

Right now I've got submissions and printing services lumped together, but I'm thinking I may break it into *three* greymatter copies, one for submissions (with limited file-type and file-size requirements), one for printing services (with huge file-size limits and more file-types allowed) and one for uploading EMG print files once a piece is accepted (with similar limitations to the printing services). Maybe I'll combine the print files into one. *ponderponder* Yeah, I think I will...

*feels clever*

I just realized I didn't update my entrance page when I did the last big site update. *wince* Should probably do something about that. It's ugly! I need to fix it!!

I have a lot to do today; somehow I promised my sister I'd come babysit while she went to choir tonight. It'll give me a chance to fill some t-shirt orders and set up dad's laptop so I can bring my computer out to our house. I also have a big ugly load of dishes to do at home. And CONTRACTS. Ugh.

Mom and Dad are leaving today, off to Anchorage for a doctors appointment, and then South for the winter. I'm really worried about Mom; she hasn't been feeling well, and her blood pressure is really, really high. She's got an enlarged heart, and she's having some tests done in Anchorage. :( I brought her and my sister flowers yesterday. I think it made their day.

La la la...



There is nothing quite as cool as getting reimbursed for a mysteriously lost / never cashed $950 paycheck from last December when finances are getting tight. :)

Yesterday my back felt like crap, but I got Jake to crack me, iced it for a bit, and today it is soooo much better.

John likes the webpage changes I made.

The rest of what I wanted to say, I've already said, but you should remember that it's still true.