September 9th, 2003



Did I get contracts done last night? Noooo...

Is anyone surprised? Noooo...

I would pay, or kill, or sacrifice body parts to have 8 hours of un-interrupted, quiet, clutter-free, people-free time with *my* computer *and* dsl. And a pile of chocolate and cashews, three cans of coke and good music. Following a decent night's sleep.

Matt and Nicki are wonderful guests; they have offered both refuge from the house (Nicki likes football about as much as I do), and have been absolutely great about not getting underfoot. And Nicki's an incredible cook. And I like their dogs. And being social isn't entirely evil.

But I should've been a monk. Isn't there a religion that allows only the pursuit of art and higher artistic enlightenment free from the trappings of lesser needs? Can't they just stick IVs in me and let me draw without needing food?


Got a package off.

Got some sketching done.

Watched half of The Neverending Story. :)

Organized a little email.

Started a Torn World story that should answer a lot of questions about the world and raise a lot more...

Gotta muster strength to do contracts in spite of fighting dogs and screaming kids and stomping people and full days of work...