September 2nd, 2003


Seeking someone with more linguistic skills than I...

Please check out this page: and let me know why my logo is on their page (if it's obvious in the text somewhere...). I also looked for a contact email, but, being solely English-reading (and a smattering of bad Swedish), I couldn't find anything but this one:, which looks very much like a members-only-list-kinda email. I'd at least like to get them to link to a *current* page and maybe list my business name somewhere. Sheesh.

Stuff. And maybe a hint of nonsense.

Tie-dyed with Melody yesterday! One of my favorite old flowy white shirts was rather distinctly not-white anymore, so I tied it up in interesting shapes and squirted the heck out of it with dye bottles. Going for a darkish purplish blueish, but I won't get to see what it will actually look like until we rinse the stuff tomorrow evening. Also dyed a few pairs of undies and two pillowcases. Fun stuff!! Can't wait to see how the colors turn out.

Re-outlined 'Harder They Fall' this weekend, broke it into two separate stories, ditched even more of the original prose and now I'm basically back at square one (maybe square two...) with only about 15% of the actual text written. But it will be better. Much better. I think it was good before, but I rarely settle for good. Artwork I find I have to *stop* with, because there's only so much the paper will take, but with writing, I find myself endlessly editing and cutting and re-writing. I kind of dread that about having a tablet. I'll never accept anything as finished when I can keep improving it.

Sat and drew for a bit last night, and have another romantic-squishy piece for the Project. I adore that colored paper. It's so easy to be loose and sketchy and then punch it up a bit with some white pencil.

And a tip I'm discovering... if you want to make a boring sketch look about 75% more finished, scribble in a dark featureless background. It really pulls the people out of the page and makes them look anchored in space.

Website about 98% ready for renaming and rebuilding in correct folder. Jake is gone on a roadtrip overnight and I have tomorrow off from work. I have ~36 hours after work today to get that sucker Up and Finished. Sleep is for weenies.

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I'm such a dork

Wrote horoscopes this morning, paid property taxes, drifted through a morning meeting, qc-ed a package for Bill and am working on some elevations. Also, pulled up an "art file" document to work on for Woodworks, and discovered... it was done already. Huh. I didn't remember finishing it, but read through, vaguely remembering putting those words together, and thought, 'this isn't awful.' So I sent it along, just a day late, for Woodworks. Woo hoo!

Looking forward to working on the webpage tonight. *bouncebouncebounce* Fixed up the mailing list page this morning, and have decided to make a habit of saving a txt file of the un-built script right along the the html document. I work on this stupid webpage in too many different places.


Thwarted! I am thwarted again!

And I feel all selfish for being grumpy about it.

My poor Sweetie cancelled on his trip, puking so badly that he asked them to turn around and bring him home!! :( He just called begging me to bring home pepto bismol when I come home. Still have tomorrow off, just have to be quiet and not jam out and stay up late like I was hoping. *poutworry*

Ellen dribbles in for a shot...

He's not dead, that's for sure... :P He has eaten three pretzels and a sip of pop and they haven't come right back up. He's still funny and now observing that the floor is gritty. Alright, so I haven't swept in a while. Ahem.

I'm downloading the entire site as emergency back-up, should I royally screw things up. (Who me? Never...) That'll take a little while; I should be working on contracts in the meantime, but instead I'm here, torturing hapless people on Livejournal with bad prose and play-by-play of my life. Haha!

I have added 97 new products to my CCNow database, bringing me to 786. I know some of those are defunct, however. I could delete them all and reupload everything via bulk upload, but I'm not sure I'm that brave. One thing at a time, grasshopper.

It occurs to me belatedly that I'm going to have to re-download the cgi files, as I've got auto mode on right now, and those things are picky about being in ASCII. Erf. No big loss. The product entries are all downloaded, we're into art now. Of site one. Yay.

This is less interesting than baseball...

We need more checking, fancy footwork and fights in the stands before Ellenupdatingwebpage becomes a national sport. Even if it does come with a great mascot. *ruffles Velcro*


Alright... it's up. I'm still mucking with a couple of the info-type pages; some of them still have old sidebars with bad links, but the rest of it is ready to go. Probably won't look that much different if you're familiar with the page, except for some little details, like you can scroll through every single item with next/previous graphics, search categories are different (and MUCH faster), there are no multiple entries, there are new products and new designs.

Go see!! The guestbook is all lonely and empty...