August 31st, 2003



Progress on webpage: new guestbook (no ads!) linked to new page, pop-ups for magnet and stickers added to products line, links for magnets and stickers added to all pages, mermaid coloring book added, new product text list for updating shopping cart started. Webmail is down for maintainence. My timing is just marvelous.

Cancelled on gaming group for the billionth time in a row, because Jake promised we'd work on the house this afternoon. If it doesn't happen, I swear I'm going to scream. Have only about 20 more minutes of computer time... *zoom*

Web progress.

Oof... Got *all* of the artist pages built for the new site. Also cleaned up a bunch of minor errors, and worked up some of the templates. I still have a few more contracts to work on, but email was periodically down for maintenence, so I concentrated on the webpage. I'm still enormously pleased with the new server speed. I can rebuild *everything* in about two minutes, as opposed to the 30+ minutes it took on the old server. Updating artists is going to be a breeze once this is in motion.

Art time! Painted! That watercolor masking fluid is fantastic. I had a sinking feeling I'd completely screwed up by not scanning the ink version when the /waterproof/ ink started smudging around in the fluid. Ack! But the smudgy bits lifted right up with the latex. The ink was a little grayed out, but really not bad.

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