August 23rd, 2003



Saturdays are the best.

I woke up, had strong coffee and coffeecake (and other morning fun...), bacon and french toast with raisins. Then, I sat down and did some good, disciplined artwork; some snowy sketches (I suuuuck at horses... *grumble*) and a person-sketch. Then I got to work on inking the piece from a few weeks ago posted over at snowunicorn. *grins* I feel all rested and refreshed again.

Art time is simply not optional.

And, as always you guys are the best.

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For all of my apparent attempts to destroy my webpage, it is back up. And graymatter works again... at least twice as fast as it was on the other server. And webmail kicks ass!

Jake just walked in with grilled chicken cordon bleu...