August 22nd, 2003




Webpage is back up, here at least, but I need to rearrange permissions and get my vti- folder up, so none of the forms or searches are working atm. And I have bosses over my shoulders so I can't fix it right now. UGH.

Mail is, however, and I'm liking this webmail thingy so far. Definitely.

Money sucks. Damn GCI is billing us for our ACS long distance. Can't these guys get anything right?!? Buuut... it does look like we'll be able to go to Mexico, even having bought the truck. No luxury trip with satin sheets and pool boys as we had first hoped, but, oh well!

I'm being shockingly social tonight, and have invited some of my old high school friends (most of whom are in town for Selena's wedding of last weekend!) over to see the house and have some food off the grill and hang out a bit. Naomi leaves Sunday, though, so this was the last chance for a loooong while with these guys.

Urf. Gotta see if I can finish this sheet in 15 minutes.