July 29th, 2003



Tired, and would love to crawl over to the couch and nap with my cat and some icepacks. Maybe later... have to foam the corner behind the wetwall (I swear, everytime I think 'oh, just two simple tasks,' we discover six zillion things that have to be done first).

Went shopping this morning. Morning is DEFINITELY the time to shop. The clerk to customer ratio was phenomenally in my favor, and when I started picking over the few not-so-great zuchinis, a (cute) vegetable boy told me he had a fresh pack and opened up a brand new case for me. *grins* I was asked about six times if I needed help finding something (though I suppose that could be blamed on my lost morning look), and everyone was friendly and smiley. No shopping cart clogs. No waiting in line to check out. No scowling people. Fresh bagels. Very pleasant.

Jennie's coming in at 6:30, and I'm excited!! An artist-person to be antisocial with! Woot!