July 24th, 2003


Just another morning...

The alarm didn't go off this morning. I'm lucky I have a good internal clock; woke up at about quarter 'til eight. (Usual wake-up is 7 AM... blech) No coffee or breakfast, but Jake got to work on time.

Dragging. Definitely dragging. It's super, super smoky out, and my throat and sinuses are irritated. I've got to be conscientiously good to myself and eat and sleep well or I have a feeling I'm going to end up sick. And that would be very bad timing!

I bought art supplies yesterday. *grins* I got some watercolor masking fluid and some more MiTientes paper. It was on sale!

Also got some EMG time; printed three small prints and a buttload of magnets and stickers, which I rough-cut last night during Enterprise. I was too wiped out to stay up for Twilight Zone; I wish they replayed *that* instead of Enterprise on Saturday nights.

Started a sketch last night that I'm liking so far, but didn't have a lot of energy to finish it, hence switching over to cutting things out. Oh! And I did play a bit with black paper, which is a distinctly different way of thinking. Good exercise. Not real impressed with the results... real dopey-looking Northern Lights and mountains. But fun. Need to build up the courage to try something cool and complicated. And find the time. *sighs*

We got the plan for the wet wall done last night, too. I need to go buy a shower inlet kit at lunch today. Blah.

Last night, I was chased. Gave up my position as a secret agent, and the agency was trying to track me down. So I ran; first to my house, where I picked up money and necessities, then through the woods for some time, then along a deserted highway where I found it necessary to sit on top of a very, very tall step ladder and talk to a bunch of people below me. Which made me dizzy. I was later stopped at a roadblock, but putting on a purple sweater somehow hid my identity. I think everyone was wearing red Star Trek NG uniforms.

I woke up frightened at about 6. Slept restlessly until I realized it had been too long and for some reason the alarm hadn't gone off.

The whole day I've been glancing over my shoulder wondering if they're going to catch me...

DAMN! We lost Internet again today...

Time to go buy shower parts and find lunch.
Twisty tree

Midday update

Got another of my woodworks articles up on my personal page. Yay! Got the most intelligent comment on my Mushrooms story yet. /sarcasm. Plan to remove all story stuff from the message board one of these days, and transfer all of it over to my own page. Eventually.

Promised myself I wouldn't post if I didn't have anything to say but more pain complaints.

*bites lip and wanders off*