July 9th, 2003


Ho hum.

Fighting off food coma... *yawn*

I would enjoy nothing right now as much as a nap. It's mid-eighties outside, sunny and bee-ootiful, and I'm stuck inside with frigid air conditioning. *poutshiver*

Making more piddly webpage progress. Little bits of sidebar editing and some rebuilding. Pulled out my contract and stared at it a bit trying to puzzle out this web-updating thingy. There are some details that are escaping me. Like keeping the list of designs and exclusions current. I'm thinking of using Greymatter in some manner, but I'm not quite sure how yet. We'll see. *playsthinks*

V. amused by the elfwood journals. More smackdowns than the WWF and just as much drama. Though the idea of many of those people in little shiny briefs and dog collars is a little disturbing...

*lightbulb* Oh! Of course. Now I just need about two hours to make those changes. I would kill for a day off. Tuesday... my next day for EMG is Tuesday. I have my fingers tied into hopeful knots that I'll have a toilet by then, too...

On Tuesday I must:

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