June 9th, 2003


Going Under

Woot! Got much webpage work done this morning, and have discovered many secrets to the scripts. (Mostly from doing things wrong and having to figure out how to fix them...) Thirteen entries struggled through... only about a hundred left to do, and at least I've suffered through the 'I don't know what I'm doing' phase. Hopefully the rest will go a little smoother. I've got to be *good* and stick with the images that I've got now just to get the new page operational instead of side-tracking and redoing all the graphics at this point. Got to get to the point that I can add new stuff first, get caught up with my poor artists, and then go back and make pretty!

I'm behind on everything, and I probably owe all of you guys apologies... I know I owe questions, and tarot cards, and answers, and emails and letters and hello-how-are-yous, and critiques and stories and artwork and rp posts... *grovels* I'm so sorry!! I feel like I've dropped the ball on *everything*.

I need to eyeball the list of things I'm involved in and step back from some of them. Sadly, in many cases. Only so many hours in the day, though, and hot damn, I'm behind.

I need to take a day off from the job this week and sit down and just wade through the webpage, period. I think I can do it, if I have a WHOLE day. I'll give Jake the car and lock myself at his computer with power bars and cokes, since I don't need to be at my office to work on the thing and I know I'll only get sidetracked into making new graphics if I'm on my own computer.

Have to go fill out timecard... Stupid day job. Niiiice paycheck...
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    Evanescence - Going Under


Okay, plowed through to 33 total entries finished. Woot! That's all of mine, and some of Vanessa's. Four of the images have gotten garbled somewhere along the way, and I'll need to reload them. I'll note that if you go look at the temp site, do NOT use the comment function; that's an internal thing to tag best-sellers.

I am reminded that my job really *is* very good to me. They are all peachy with me taking Thursday off to work on EMG, I left at three today, and when I told John I'm looking at taking a day off every week again, he looked pouty and said, well, if you were anyone of else, we'd have serious problems with that much time off, but well, we hired you knowing that you'd be doing this, and we have no desire to lose you... so... I'm golden. Need to fill out my leaveform, but have been granted my two weeks off in August when Jennie's coming up and we're doing the fair. Woot!!

I'm so looking forward to that. My arttime fixed a lot of head-messes, and getting this webpage done is really feeling good. I'm going to go back and plug more entries in. Woot!

Sunshine happiness!