June 2nd, 2003


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Looked up some stuff on eye diseases this morning to try to assist with some story plotting for Jennifer, and caught myself lingering over detached retinas. Bad memories. Really bad memories. It was supposed to be an easy, relatively quick surgery. I was supposed to have my vision when I came out of anesthesia. *shudders* I spent several drugged hours wondering if I was dead and why it hurt to be dead.

*swallows and skips on to happier topics*

Drew a pretty picture at gaming yesterday, and oh! Karen and company brought me a birthday cake! Candles and everything! I was so surprised and delighted and flattered!! *happy foolish grin* It's taken practically a year to get over my shyness, but I'm finally feeling like I fit in with the group. It helps that the GM's are really creative and great, and everyone has an excellent sense of humor. They're neat people. I likes 'em.

Still loving my Palm. Writing all kinds of out-of-order stories and timelines. Starting to use my calendar feature, too. Maybe I can remember to *do* stuff.

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