April 26th, 2003


A working poem

Working weekends isn't fair
I'm at work, but I don't care.
I cannot this weekend rue,
They feed me krab and milkshakes too

I draft and draft and draft and play
I cuss my job near every day
I want to art and draw and paint
But lack of paycheck makes me faint

At least they feed me and pay well
That compensates for daily hell
(And heaven knows in all this time
You'd think I'd make a better rhyme.)

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Didn't get the weekend off, dammit. (Hence the previous entry)

My third mermaid picture spiralled down into suckiness shortly after I started in working on it last night. Jake kindly reassured me it's alright to have pieces go wrong, so I swallowed my urge to throw the sketchpad out the window and doodled a bunch of other stuff that also went nowhere. Started an entry for Elf Eyes Only that didn't turn out as I wanted and I probably won't finish. Worked on a portrait for the Project that is going alright but involves an insane amount of curls and I'll probably never finish it. Started a replacement mermaid that looks vaguely Asian and has enormous knockers, but the arms and torso are all funny and Jake said the tail looked wrong. Wished I had my Alice In Wonderland book... or any books... out of storage. Moped. Definitely *not* a good art night. Rargh.

*cranks up music* Go James Bond music for making everything good and swanky again.

Jake wants to get reindeer. I don't think it's a particularly *serious* desire, but wouldn't it be fun? :) He's looking into zoning now.
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