April 18th, 2003



Spent much of today editing the Pricing Your Art article further, and being alternately amused and puzzled by the people on the Elfwood LJs. People are so strange and stubborn... I'll be co-moderating them until the end of the month. Should be an ee-nteresting experience. At least I'll have a limited time in the position. Hopefully, we'll be working on the house gung-ho in May, and I won't have time for such pursuits.

Also printed off the 13 Airport pdfs, all however many dozen pages of it. And the specs. And the Baghouse drawings, and drafting on the Army Lodging drawings.

Have a groovy new sketch that I've very happy with. It has very delusionstudio-esque shading. Had to dig my fixative out of storage; my sketchbook is getting really smudgy and ugly. She's got very even eyes, which I have noticed is one of my serious drawing weaknesses.

Tired and need more food. *wanders off*